Roof Scraper Head, 1 Blade & Pole

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Size: 30ft
Blade: Marley Ludlow major
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The UK's most effective moss removal tool, simply attach to a telescopic pole and get scraping! 

We have now upgraded our poles to 100% carbon fibre instead of aluminium, these poles are lighter, more stiff and much easier to work with long term. Reducing fatigue due to the lighter weight.

20ft(1250g) 25ft(1640g) 30ft(1800g)

How do I use this tool?

This package comes with everything you need to start scraping roofs. Simply select the blade you need, attach it to the roof scraper & poles and get to work.


We recommend you grab some wire brushes to take care of ridge tiles and any moss that the blades just cant get off. 

What's in the box?

1 pole

Roof scraper head 

1 roof scraper pole insert

1 Blade

2* Allen Keys

1* Spanner

1* Quick release clamp

All bolts, nuts and washers also included.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Mick W
An excellent investment

The detailing of the pole components, attachments and materials is very good, a lot of thought has been put into making this product. I started by scraping at 15 minute intervals over a few days and each time got the technique a little bit better.

john askell (askel-uk2014)
Moss removal

They work great together.

Jean Carrington
Roof scraper

Can't give you a review yet , waiting for the weather to get a bit warmer before using it.

Alun Rains
Should be perfect to get rid of the moss on my garage roof

Haven't used the Roof Scraper Head, Blade and Pole as yet as I am waiting for the weather to warm up a bit before undertaking the task. However it all looks to be perfect for the job, well made. robust and up to the task in hand.

John Tisbury
Well made and designed

Great product and does the job well as a DIYer.

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