Moss on a roof might look good but did you know that if left untreated moss could cause serious damage to a roof over the long term.

We have developed a specialist tool for roof cleaning, capable of reaching up to 30ft, with a range of stainless steel profiles that perfectly fit the most common roof tiles in the UK. Browse our roof cleaning equipment here

Step 1: identify roof tiles

There are numerous materials used for roof shingles in the Uk the main ones being concrete, clay and slate.

Concrete: these are the most common tiles usually there is a brand + tile name printed on the underside.

Step 2: Scrape moss off roof tiles

Now you have identified your roof tiles, use the appropriate profile out of the roof scraper collection. Flat tiles are the easiest, simply use a flat blade, roof scraper head, roof cleaning pole & roof cleaning wire brushes

Working according to health & safety regulations, scrape the moss off the roof from the ground, a ladder or a scaffold tower. we recommend scraping from the top down to maximize efficiency and work. 

Step 3: Roof moss chemical treatment 

Now you have removed the bulk of the moss, you will now need to apply a chemical to clean the tiles over time and prevent the moss from growing back.